Welcome to RokuRoku
a New Type of Inn.
 RokuRoku is located in the center of Kyoto-Higashiyama, the eastern part of Kyoto. RokuRoku is within 15 minutes’ walk from Ginkakuji Temple, Nanzenji Temple, and Shin-nyodo Tepmle and within 2 minutes’ walk from Tetsugakunomichi, the Philosophy’s Path.
 RokuRoku, surrounded by the beauty of nature, was founded recently as a new type of inn. Self-service is required for breakfast and tea or coffee, but we will take care of the rest. Staying at RokuRoku is truly a great experience. RokuRoku is known for its cleanliness, safety, and beautiful facilities.
 Come and try the RokuRoku experience: a truly unique Japanese experience.

 RokuRoku has two buildings. One is SEKI, the old, sukiya-looking, private house surrounded by lots of greenery. The other is YADO, a clean and beautiful lodging. The Philosophy’s Path runs between them.
The nearest inn to the Philosophy’s Path

 YADO is located 150 meters west of the Philosophy’s Path . Between SEKI and YADO, you can enjoy many aspects of Kyoto in the morning and the evening such as the calmness of the Philosophy’s Path , the silent precinct of Hounenin Temple, and Reikanji Temple in the mountains. These are situated along the road between YADO and SEKI.
 There are two types of guest rooms in YADO: twin- rooms and dormitories. The dormitory beds are large and private, all equipped with lights, mirrors, bureaus, shelves, hangers, etc. If you prefer a larger room, a twin-room is recommended. If you plan a long stay or enjoy interacting with other tourists, a dormitory is recommended.
 YADO is located along Shirakawa-dori or St. Shirakawa and convenient to sight-seeing spots in Kyoto city. There is a bus service available from the nearest bus terminal with access to many places around Kyoto. Also there are a lot of restaurants and convenience stores within a few minutes’ walk from YADO.
SEKI  Breakfast,Office
A place where you can enjoy beautiful gardens, listening to uguisu bird (Japanese bush warbler) songs, and listening to vesper bells.

 SEKI is a newly renovated private house which is located 250 meters east of the Philosophy’s Path . It is situated along the the Philosophy’s Path , the road that leads to Ginkakuji Temple, Hounenin Temple, Anrakuji Temple, and Reikanji Temple. An artist built the house and their family lived here for three generations. You can enjoy this traditional Japanese house which contains tatami-rooms (large and small ones), engawa or large veranda, and beautiful Japanese gardens.
 You can see a grave of an Imperial mausoleum from a japanese style balcony, tsukimi-dai, which was previously used as a shed. Also, you can see Shinnyo-do Temple on Mt. Yoshida and hear the bells of Hounenin Temple at twilight.
 SEKI is a place for guests, where you can soak yourself in the atmosphere of luxurious space and time in Kyoto.
 SEKI is for breakfast. Your breakfast at SEKI, listening to uguisu songs, will be your unforgettable experience.

 ・Children under 13 are not allowed.
 ・ Non-smoking.
 ・Breakfast, and tea or coffee are all self-service.
 ・We may not be able to cater to large groups.
 ・Please respect the rules for quietness and calmness at RokuRoku.
Room & Charges (per person / one night)
   Twin Room

4,300 yen
Dormitory Bed (separated for male and female)

2,500 yen
(Oct 1st~) Tax: 200 yen
Breakfast: 500 yen
Car Parking: 1000 yen
Special Prices
⇒Room charge for 1 guest in a twin room: 8,400 yen
⇒Booking on the same day if vacat after 10:00 a.m
 Room charge for 1 guest in a twin room: 4,800 yen
⇒Extra charge for a Japanese mattress (twinroom): 1,600 yen

Cancellation Fees
(1) One day before: 50% of the first day.
(2) On that day:100% of the first day.
(3) No noticing: All room rate of your stays

Check-in: 8:00 - 11:00 , 17:00 - 21:00
⇒ The reception is only open during check-in time.
⇒Call us at the front door of YADO, please.

* After 21:00,we will decline your stays except inevitable cases: flight plan,accidents, etc.
* If your plane arrives late at night, please inform us about your flight schdule in advance.
.. flight No, arrival time at the airport ..
* We are not responsible for your luggage in any accident.

Check-out:. 10:00 A.M.

RokuRoku SEKI
zip code: 606-8426
address: 61 Teranomae-cho Shishigatani Sakyo-ku Kyoto Japan
Tel : 075-771-6969  (from abroad +81-75-771-6969)

RokuRoku YADO
zip code: 606-8425
address: 28-1 Nishiteranomae-cho Shishigatani Sakyo-ku Kyoto Japan