YADO   Inn

The nearest inn to the Philosophy’s Path

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Room & Charges (per person / one night)
   Twin Room

4,300 yen
Dormitory Bed (separated for male and female)

2,500 yen
(Oct 1st~) Tax: 200 yen
Breakfast: 500 yen Car Parking: 1000 yen
Special Prices
⇒Room charge for 1 guest in a twin room: 8,400 yen
⇒Booking on the same day if vacat after 10:00 a.m
 Room charge for 1 guest in a twin room: 4,800 yen
⇒Additional fee for a Japanese mattress (twinroom): 1,600 yen

Cancellation Fees
(1) One day before: 50% of the first day.
(2) On that day:100% of the first day.
(3) No noticing: All room rate of your stays.

Room: Airconditioner,shower,toilet,television,refrigerator
      hair driyer,electric pot,internet.
   ⇒ Only twin rooms have televisions. 

Bath room: Only for ladies

Additional Information
* Bikes, personal computers, and washing machines are available for use free of charge.
* Towels, bath towels, shampoo, conditioner, etc. are provided.
* Beds of twinroom are single-size and a semi-double-size.
* Bed of dormitory room is single-size but it can be used as a small room when you close the curtains.
* In each dormitory bed, lights, a mirror, a bureau, shelves, hangers are kept.
* Japanese quilts are down quilt.
* Access to the inn is available at anytime, no curfew.
* There are three parking lots, which need to be reserved. They are closed at 10:00 pm.

Check-in: 8:00~11:00 , 17:00~21:00
⇒ The reception is only open during check-in time.
⇒Call us at the front door of YADO, please.

* After 21:00,we will decline your stays except inevitable cases: flight plan,accidents, etc.
* If your plane arrives late at night, please inform us about your flight schdule in advance.
.. flight No, arrival time at the airport ..
* We are not responsible for your luggage in any accident.

Check-out: 10:00 A.M.

* No smoking
* Children under 13 are not allowed
* Never let anyone into YADO
* Take off all bed sheets, covers and pillow cases at your check-out, please
dormitory(female) dormitory(male)
twinroom 14 Hall
twinroom 21 twinroom 22
twinroom 23 twinroom 24
twinroom 31 twinroom 32
twinroom 33 twinroom 34
(for ladies only)

Crime and Disaster Prevention
For the guests’ safety, we take strong measures to prevent crime and disaster.
  • Only guests are available in Yado. In order to prevent non-guests from entering,there are security cameras in the entrance, the vestibule, and corridors..
  • Guests must check out when guests let non-guests enter.
  • The two doors are locked. The door at the entrance is self-locking with IC cards. Even if you lose the keys, it can be invalidated soon.
  • You can call between Seki and guest rooms.
  • Also, in emergencies, please call 110 (the police) and 119 (the fire station).
  • Fire alarms are equipped in all guest rooms and dormitorie beds. There are emergency exits on the second floor and the rooftop.